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oh gosh, homecoming 2k12.

So. I could say that it was the most amazing night since DHHS, where I met this AMAZING, gorgeous boy. But, let's just say it was nothing I was expecting. And in a bad sense. it was the most awkward since I don't know when. Because I  technically had a date, but I kind of ditched him, a lot. Look,  I probably sound like a horrible person which I am, but  I really didn't want to ask him to Homecoming. Everyone was pretty much insisting me to  go and ask him because they ship me with him.

Dislike. A lot.  Really a lot. You know why I didn't want to go to homecoming with him? Because the possibility of me ditching him at the event were HIGH, extremely extremely high. If you don't know me very well, I give off the impression that I don't party hard and that I don't know how to party hard. Because I have that LOOK, that look about me that screams, innocent little Asian girl.

I am nothing like that. At all. Seriously, when I go to dances,  if I hear the music, I start dancing till who knows when? And last year's homecoming, I actually danced with a few strangers, danced until I was dead. And I would ALWAYS, ALWAYS, go wandering in between groups because I hate staying in the same place for too long.

I really am one of those dancers at club who could dance all night long. And, I have a HIGH energy when I'm dances and an extreme amount of confidence when I'm at dances. Which is how I got myself holding hands with Tweedledee, a Korean twin. I swear, I scare him, I think I was too high off dancing to realize what I was doing. Because he's one of the more conservative Koreans from Korea (he moved like a year ago) and I felt bad because I kind of just went for the hand and he didn't let go until we went back into the gym. 

Pause for a moment. Why is this bad? First off, my friend's friend likes him. And I pretty much went and held his hand. That girl's friend has danced with him for a homecoming routine for drill. Second off, he was getting hit on, hard. You could just tell because she would always end up talking to him and his friend just hi-fived him whenever he talked to her. Like great. You guys, I actually like him and there's competition, I can't. Did I mention he got so hot that he took off his v-neck...? Um, guys, he has an attractive no stomach thing going on for him. But I doubt he'd ever be interested in a girl like me. I'm not...yeah. 

But moving on with someone liking SOMEONE. My date is really interested in me. And when I heard this, I stressed out, hard. Like I was awkward when we slowdanced, not looking at him or anything. Because I don't like him that way. He also isn't a partier which makes things even more awkward for me. Awkward dancer plus a party hard girl, don't mix, ever. I don't and I'm not looking for a relationship, I'm looking for someone to occupy my mind when I need to get out of this reality. I'm looking for a fling or a crush, but never a relationship. Even though my friend ships us. She's actually torn between my date and Korean boy. 

Again, I'm not looking for a relationship, I'm looking for a fling, and I don't have feelings for him. I know this makes me sound like a whore, but I adore holding hands with someone, I adore cuddling, I don't like the relationship part of it. Which is why I'm not looking for a boyfriend. I'm looking for a guy friend that will push me to do crazy things. 

But that was homecoming for me. A night where I had a lot of fun and a lot of drama to deal with the moment I left. 

Tags: and this is just bad, boys are just a waste of time, i can't even, like seriously i'm so stressed out right, personal, post
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