` ♚ miss mong (lolliloveee) wrote,
` ♚ miss mong

Why Am I so not stable?

I go on vacation not stressed at all, I come back stressed as ever. Um, truth be told the two weeks I was in California, I had to deal with personal drama and my own mind. Which is definitely not a fun past time resulting six new self harm injuries, losing my iPod at the airport, my instant camera is broken, the guy I like definitely likes someone else in the span of two days (he liked me in four days and stole my first kiss), losing souvenirs, I have to dance for the church soon and I forgot all the steps. In the end, I've been suicidal. And with my birthday coming up soon, I doubt anything will be getting better soon. As you can see I'm fucked up and I'm really tired of life. Thus, continuing my suicidal thoughts. Lovely. Just lovely. 

Tags: im dying here, just you know go on, life
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